Casement Window

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The Casement Window is one of the best insulating and energy efficient windows in the market thanks to its advanced weather stripping technology.
The Casement Window is swinging outward and can be easily opened by using low profile nesting crank handle to a 90 degree angle, while hinged on one (either left or right) side of the window frame.
When open, the window allows for maximum ventilation. When closed tightly, it provides a solid, secured seal that delivers high thermal performance, while offering clean sightlines and unobstructed view.
The window panels come with three distinct continuous seals at the interface, stationary frame and mullions to stop drafts and / or heat leaks. The thermal glass unit is sealed to the sash from both, the inside and the outside. The advanced and corrosion-proof multipoint locking mechanism allows easy operation and maintenance.
The insulating glass is available in variances of 3mm, 4mm and 5mm thickness.
You can also choose from variety of standard colours, extremely UV and weather resistant. Unlike the paint finishes, these colours will not peel, flake or scratch.
Recommended installation – Casements windows are often used anywhere you need to reach to open a window.


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