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Entry Doors

Steel Door

The Steel Door is an excellent choice for main entryway door due to its durability, security and energy conserving abilities. It is built with heavy gauge steel and engineered with a solid, structural frame. The top quality material used ensures optimal thermal performance, while the built in multi-point locking system effectively immobilizes the door to provide a higher level of security.

The Steel Door is beautifully crafted with design in mind – custom matched size and design, variety of colours to choose from, top quality handware, and energy-efficient glass inserts – all to create a door uniquely yours.

Fiberglass Door

While maintaining the traditional wood door look, the modern Fiberglass Door is known for its durability, best in class insulation and endless number of style options to choose from. The Fiberglass Door is energy efficient, weathering resistant, dent yet very low maintenance.

There are countless design possibilities, limitless décor elements, multiple grain options (smooth, oak, mahogany and rustic textures) along with wood grain or smooth skin finish, either painted or stained. The door also comes with distinctive, deep high definition moulded door panels.

Awning Windows

Rain or shine, the Awning Window provides the room with good ventilation, while maintaining its energy efficiency and best in class weatherproof abilities. Since the Awning Window opens from bottom out, it prevents rain and falling leaves penetration yet allows maximum air flow.

The dual or triple-pane insulated glass with Argon gas between the panes, the high quality cellular spacer, the custom sizing that prevents water infiltration in walls, the closing flush against the frame and the special fusion welding process – all minimize direct heat/cold transfer, soundproof the interior of your home and ensure perfect seal.

Recommended installation – basement, kitchen, washroom, and hard to reach places.

Casement Windows

The Casement Window is one of the best insulating and energy efficient windows in the market thanks to its advanced weather stripping technology. The Casement Window is swinging outward and can be easily opened by using low profile nesting crank handle to a 90 degree angle, while hinged on one (either left or right) side of the window frame. When open, the window allows for maximum ventilation. When closed tightly, it provides a solid, secured seal that delivers high thermal performance, while offering clean sightlines and unobstructed view.

The window panels come with three distinct continuous seals at the interface, stationary frame and mullions to stop drafts and / or heat leaks. The thermal glass unit is sealed to the sash from both, the inside and the outside. The advanced and corrosion-proof multipoint locking mechanism allows easy operation and maintenance.

The insulating glass is available in variances of 3mm, 4mm and 5mm thickness.

You can also choose from variety of standard colours, extremely UV and weather resistant. Unlike the paint finishes, these colours will not peel, flake or scratch.

Recommended installation – Casements windows are often used anywhere you need to reach to open a window.

Single Hung Windows

The Single Hung Window offers simple yet classic design. It is the most cost efficient window in the market.

The top sash of the window is hung and fixed in place, while the bottom sash can move up and down, and even tilt inward for easy maintenance, cleaning and to provide maximum airflow. When the sash is operated, the adjustable balance system ensures stability.

Recommended installation – since this window does not protrude outward, it became a popular choice for walkways, patios, sunrooms, and porches.

Double Hung Windows

Both sashes of the Double Hung Window can slide up and down for optimum ventilation, and tilt in for effortless cleaning.

The Double Hung Window comes with dual interlocking rails, an overlapping screen frame, and a decorative heavy duty cam lock.

Slider Windows

Single Slider Windows

The Single Slider Window is a simple, practical, modern looking and cost effective window option that also provides effective ventilation.

It is called ‘Single’ because one standard sash is fixed while the other slides horizontally (either left or right).

This window features an advanced structural design, welded frame and sash, insulating warm edge spacer, and fire resistant coating.

Recommended installation – larger openings like patios and verandas to maximize the space inside and outside your home.

Double Slider Windows

The Double slider window is called ‘Double’ because both sashes can seamlessly glide horizontally (either left or right). The sash’s horizontal slider allows optimum air circulation, but the window can also be tilted inward for easy cleaning and / or emergency exit.

This window features a heavy duty decorative cam lock anchored to a sash along with night latches for ultimate peace of mind.

Recommended installation – ideal solution for large window areas to maximize airflow and allow unobstructed view.

Custom Shaped Windows

As its name indicates, the Custom Shaped Window can be custom built and shaped to fit a given space and add unique artistic elements. Most of Custom Shaped Windows are fixed and cannot be opened or closed, but they do offer superior energy efficiency, prevent elements from intruding the house while allowing natural light in.

The exterior and interior finishes of this window have a wide variety of material painted with resilient, beautiful long lasting colours for you to choose from.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and Bow Windows are a composition of multiple windows. The Bay Window is usually made of one fixed larger central lite, flanked by two smaller operating windows on both ends. The Bow Window is composed of 4-6 equally sized windows arranged in an arc.

From standard configurations to complex custom arrangements to match exact requirements of any home style, the Bay and Bow Windows feature elegant appearance, gentle rounded angles to provide the illusion of a curved wall offering a beautiful arch and view of the outdoors while elevating the appeal of the interior design. They allow the flood of natural day light with their expanded viewing area and can potentially increase your living space. Projecting outward from a wall at 30 or 45 degree angles, both, Bay and Bow Windows, offer a cozy alcove, which can be used as an extra seating area or even to place indoor plants.

Recommended installation – living room, especially in townhouses or other buildings with reduced fenestration.

Patio Doors

high quality and durability sliding patio doors will protect your house from elements and allow easy entry for the whole family.